Lisa Lee (aprilfool29) wrote in snlmb_comm,
Lisa Lee

An Idea

For those of you that love the board and want it back up:

If it's true that the owner is no longer paying for it, is it possible someone (or several of you) could contact the server and offer to purchase it/take it over, so that it's no longer suspended? It's evident the original owner doesnt really care about the site and pretty much.. ok totally.. abandoned it. I have dealt with this server in the past, back when I tried to get it back online last time. So, here is some contact info:
that's the email address I used, but here is some additional info:

Phone: 312-386-1640

the account would be:

maybe they would accept payment even if you arent the webmaster. Not sure, but it doesnt hurt to try. Or offer to take it over, that the site has been abandoned.

Just an idea, for all it's worth. ;) I would do it myself, but I already run several other sites and I can't afford (time or money) to run that too. But hopefully someone here can.
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